Conrail Caboose Photo Archive
The N3A - the ex Erie Lackawanna classes

83 N-3A cupola style cabooses built during 1945 and 1946 for Erie numbered C170-C269. Similar in design to the N3, the
N3A had a welded carbody rather than rivited.

Weighing about 43,900 Ibs., they had a rather clean-cut, somewhat boxy configuration with an off-center
cupola that was decidedly high. There were eight cupola windows (two in each section), three windows on each side of
the carbody, and two end windows flanking the doorway.





????? Chatham Ont
Sitting beside Highway #40
 November 2005  E&C May
19662  Catawissa PA
- as it looked when Walt got it Click here to view his web site.
Walt now has 13 CR cabooses
 1995  Walt Gosciminski
19662  Catawissa PA
- restored by Walt to Erie 237 - he has 13 Conrail cabooses
Click here to view his web site 
 1996  Walt Gosciminski
19665  Rochester, NY
shortly after it arrived at the Rochester and Gennesee Valley Railroad Museum. Visit the Museum here!
 August 1986  Jim Hebner
19665  Rochester, NY ,
today as Erie 254 , at the
Rochester and Genesee Valley
Railroad Museum. Visit the Museum here!
 1996  Chris Hauf

 Alliance OH

no snow

 Jan 30, 1987  Chip Syme
  19668  Allince OH  Feb 9-86  Chip Syme
19668  South Charleston OH
based on the switch list found inside the 19668 was in service in March 1989 - sold in June 1989 and moved to South Charleston Ohio. At some point the switch of the siding it was stored on was removed. Former EL C235, as it is was, on a disconnected siding.
  July 1996  Jim Hebner
  19668  Moved to active rail 6/3/98!
moved across from the DT&I station restoration to CR planned in the spring
 June 3, 1998  Jim Hebner
  19673  Alliance OH  1-30-87  Chip Syme
19674 Former EL 263. This caboose is located about three miles north of Elkmont, AL along a former L&N right of way now used as a trail. It appears that an RV park is being built and the caboose is being used to decorate the entrance.

Veto AL - Mill Creek Farm Campground, north of of Elkmont AL
 March 19, 1998  Bryan Turner
19674  An overview of the site where it sits. An interior shot
Another interior shot
and an interior shot
Overall it looks rough but very restorable!
 March 19, 1998  Bryan Turner
19676  before Conrail EL C260
looked like this
   George Elwood
19676  somewhere in Ohio?  May 1985  from the collection of
Jim Hebner
19677  in service for EL during the 1970's
C-267 - pre Conrail
   from Brian's collection
19677 as delivered to
Glenburn Township Building
(the former DL&W )
19677  Glenburn PA - restored to EL C-267
as Brian's BSA Eagle Project
View the caboose and Station
 C-178      Bill Weibel
from the
collection of
Joseph Testagrose
 C-191      Bill Weibel
from the
collection of
Joseph Testagrose

The Erie Railroad Rolling Stock Restoration Association has purchased C-191. It will be moved from Jim Thorpe, Pa. to the Dunmore area, where originally built in March 1946.  The caboose is scheduled to be restored to the original Erie paint scheme as it looked when it came out of the Dunmore Car Shop.

Photos to follow

2015 Joseph Gregory
 C-200      Bill Weibel
from the
collection of
Joseph Testagrose
C205  C-205 shown here in it's
pre Conrail days,
scrapped by Conrail June 4, 1976
   George Elwood
C-186?  Bridgeton NJ
Winchester & Western
Conrail Number unknown - anyone know it?
 July 25, 1998  Jeff Lubchancky

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