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The ex PRR N5B Class

The N-5B cabin cars were built during 1941 by the PRR. While it was modernized version of the N-5, there were only minor exterior
variations (higher handrails on the end platforms, narrower window frames on the carbody sides, a trust company plate in the lower
side corner and most of the improvements that had been
made to the basic N-5 series).

Built new 1941 similar to N5 hand rails on end higher, windows square corners and narrower
crash post AB brakes Ajax brake wheels

Exterior dimensions - length of 30', 7-1/2" between strikers; 13-feet, 5-inches high from rail surface to top of cupola;
and width of 9-feet, 8-inclues between each set of side steps. They weighed 43,150 lbs.

The PRR built two hundred N5B's : Nos. 477620-477819.
Conrail #19103, 19106, 19417, 20001-20076, 22796-22843, 22854-22989

183 cars made it to the Conrail roster with their Penn Central Numbers

By 1981 there were only 163 left.

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Location & Information
Photo Credit

 Newport RI

ex-PC 22837/CR 20007, blt.1938
on the
Old Colony & Newport Railway

Jan 2005 
Paul McGrane 
 Conway Yard PA
in a work train
 Nov 3, 1984
 Chip Syme


Rio Grande NJ
former Penn Central 22891 nee PRR 477662
It is in The Cape May
Seashore Lines Yard.
July 4, 1998
 Stan Feldman
20030  Alliance OH  May 10, 1986
Ross Jack
  20030  Alliance OH  July 27, 1986
Kurt Brockman


 New Freedom PA

 Nov 21, 1999

 Jeff Shanks

20050  looking a bit rough
windows boarded up
corner post bent
 Chip Syme
20060 Landisville Railroad   


Boston Park Department,
part of a Rails to Trails
project in East Boston, MA

Fall 2007
Pete Jackson
20072 Holidaysburg PA  Oct 8, 1986
Chip Syme

built by PRR in 1929 PRR 477585 , ex-PC19386/PC/CR 22989/CR20075
Preserved as NH C-507
acquired by the
Railroad Museum of New England
in 1985
May 1988
from the
collection of
Albert Phleep
20076 Wilmington DE
Edgemoor Yard
actually the N5E
 Nov 23, 1984
Chip Syme
20077 Clearfield PA  Mar 15, 1986
Ross Jack

Mechanicstown OH
on the OHI Rail
Sept 13, 1997
 Jim Hebner

 Steubenville OH
Preserved in Marina Park
Sept 13, 1997
 Jim Hebner
22819  Minerva OH Feb 11, 1979
 Ross Jack

 Minerva OH
lub plate

Feb 10, 1979
Chip Syme
22821  Berea OH May 2, 1986
 Ross Jack
22821  Cresson PA May 1985
from the
collection of
Albert Phleep

 Maybrook NY
 Gene Fusco

 Vermilion OH
Eastbound, passing over the former NKP
Visit Arnie Morscher's Railroad Photo Site
October 14, 1985
 Arnold H Morscher

 Steubenville OH
Preserved as tourist info office
mislabeled as N5C
 September 13, 1997
 Jim Hebner

 Springfield, OH  December 17, 1978
 Jim Hebner

 Columbus OH
Buckeye Yard
 Chris Hebner
     Ada OH
as PRR 477779
 February 2, 1997
 Jim Hebner

 Cedarville OH  August 10, 1997
 Jim Hebner
22875  Cedarville OH
still rusting away
August 7, 2014  Jim Hebner
 22879   New Freedom PA
trains run again!
 May 5, 2001
 Ed Feathers
   22888  Summerville PA Jan 4-86
 Ross Jack
   22888  Summerville PA Jan 4-86
 Ross Jack


 Bridge One
Cleveland OH
 George Elwood

 Ridgefield Park NJ
at what appears to be the local police pistol range
 October 5, 1998
Jeff Lubchansky


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