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The Classic N8

Pennsy's last new caboose design was what many railfans think of when you say Pennsy caboose - the 199 car N-8 series of 1950-1951.
They originally carried PRR Nos. 478020-4782l9
At the PC merger, the 161 remaining cabooses were renumbered 23200-23402 . (18-20 N8's were sold to the Illinois Central Gulf (by PC).
Conrail used the same numbers as PC.

The N-8 had a small streamlined cupola, and was particularly notable for its side mounted handrails which were attached to
steel car body extenders that were about 4-feet high and jutted out about 2-feet over the end platforms to provide extra
protection for brakemen standing outside the cabin. This was extra protection for a trainman hooping up orders.

Dimensions: 35', 11-1/2" between strikers
9', 8" between side steps
13', 6-9/16" from rail head to the cupola top
weight about 56,300 lbs


 Location & Information


Photo Credit

Seaview Transportation
in Rhode Island
Dec 2007
Paul McGrane
 somewhere in Ohio?  March 1984  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
 North Brunswick NJ
on RT 130
restored 478131
 August 27, 1999  Jeff Lubchansky
Philadelphia PA
now owned by Juniata Terminal
PRR 478141
 Feb 9, 2002   Jeff Lubchansky
 North Elizabeth NJ July 31, 1976  Harv Kahn
 Ashtabula OH  Aug 27, 1976  from the
collection of
Jim Hebner 
 Elizabethport NJ Dec 14, 1976   Al Tillotson
 Cincinnati OH
Sharonville Yard
 April 30,1977  Jim Hebner
 Olmsted Falls OH
next to the depot as it appears today as PRR 478062
 May 3, 1998  Jim Hebner
 Rocky River OH March 1980  Jim Hebner
 New Freedom PA
 Nov 21, 1999  Jeff Shanks
 Rochester NY  July 1979  Jim Hebner
 Rochester NY
west end of Goodman Street yard
    Jim Hebner
 Wellsville OH
preserved as PRR 478202
at the River Museum
 Sept 13, 1997  Jim Hebner
 Connecticut?  Feb 1977  Ed Blackman
from the
collection of
Jim Hebner
 Arlington VA  February 1978  Dick Leonhardt
 Springfield OH  Dec 9, 1983  Jim Hebner
 Lima OH
Cole St Yard
 1986  Allen DeLong
 "R" Tower PA  Jan 10, 1978  Al Tillotson
 before restoration on the Wilmington & Western RR in Delaware.  June 2000 Ed Feathers
  Marshallton DE
restored to original PRR 478064. The caboose is still stored on the Wilmington & Western RR.
Sept 15, 2001  Ed Feathers
 Restored as PRR 478064
by the Wilmington & Western RR in Delaware.
Summer 2002   Ed Feathers
 Springfield OH
Greenmont Yard
   Jim Hebner
 Minerva OH
preserved at Steam
Railroad Museum
 Sept 13,1997  Jim Hebner
 Titusville PA
part of Casey's Caboose
   Jim Hebner
Watertown NY 
Massey Yard
 August 1976   Jim Hebner
 As it appears today, preserved at Walt Gosciminski's site
preserved as PRR 478144
 1996  Walt Gosciminski
 ex PRR 478044 restored and running on the Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad. Nittany & Bald eagle Railroad named 2004 Railway Age short line of the year!    
 Stelvideo OH
preserved just west of town
 June 13, 1997  Jim Hebner
 Harrisburg PA  June 1985  Allen Delong


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