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  Road & Number  Location & Information  Date  Photo Credit

 East Peoria IL

is this a real IT caboose?

 June 30 , 1993  David Schnell
from the
collection of
Mike Farrell
 962      Bill Weibel
 962      Bill Weibel
 963    Sept 1978   Chuck Fuszner
 965    May 1978  Chuck Fuszner
 965       Bill Weibel
 965       Bill Weibel
The following were built by St Louis Car - probably taged on to a NYC order
 IT 980  Decatur IL  Feb 14, 1981  Paul DeLuca
 IT 980  Springfield IL  Aug 22, 1979  Chuck Fuszner
 IT 980      Bill Weibel
 IT 980      Bill Weibel
 IT 982  Springfield IL  April 12, 1979   Chuck Fuszner
 IT 983       Bill Weibel
 IT 984  Decatur IL  June 5, 1980  Frank Arnold Jr.

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