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  . Location and Information  Date  Photo Credit

 Poincianna FL
first run
 October 15,1997  Bill Volkmer

 Hollywood FL
left side of train
January 31, 1998   Bill Volkmer

 Hollywood FL
right side of train
 January 31, 1998   Bill Volkmer

 test run at Ft Lauderdale FL  October 10, 1997  Bill Volkmer

 Hollywood FL
Sheridan Street Station
Jan 31, 1998   Bill Volkmer

 Amtrak F-40 400 filling in for one of the FunTrain F-40s

 April 1, 1998

 Bill Volkmer
Tiki Bar  Hialeah FL
just after being delivered
 July 25, 1997  Bill Volkmer
358  Poincianna FL
1997 Holiday Card - my kind of card
 Oct 15, 1997  Bill Volkmer

354  Hollywood FL
in Florida Fun Train Service
  Nov 29, 1997  Vinnie Della Torre
354  Framingham MA
no longer in Fun Train service
 Feb 13, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
354  Milwaukee WS  Sept 30, 1999  Tom J
  354  Milwaukee WS  Sept 30, 1999  Tom J
354  Milwaukee WS
train 338 shown on depot track 1 because #8 was running 2 hours late.
 October 8, 1999  Tom J
  354  Milwaukee WS  October 8, 1999  Tom J
354  Milwaukee WS  October 8, 1999  Tom J
358  Boca Raton FL
Fun Train Service
 Nov 28, 1997  Vinnie Della Torre
358  Chicago IL  May 1999  Jim Hebner
374  No longer in Fun Train Service - 374 pulls the"International " into Georgetown Ontario  Jan 1999  Brian Switzer
374  Miami FL  March 11, 1999  Bill Volkmer
  374  Chicago IL  May 1999  Jim Hebner
374  Chicago IL  April 19, 1999  Dick Leonhardt
374  Chicago IL  May 1999  Jim Hebner
 Auction  Hialeah FL
a sad day -
many of the cars where sold to the
Alaska RR
 July 29, 1999  Bill Volkmer

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