Conrail Caboose Photo Archive

The N5G Class - ex Lehigh Valley

The Lehigh Valley Railroad had 92 cabooses on the property just before Conrail. They were built between 1939 and 1946 and
numbered 95001-95140. When Conrail was formed in 1976, they reunited with the former LV cabooses that the Penn Central had purchased
in April 1968. Penn Central classified them as N-5Gs.

Penn Central Renumbering

 LV 95107  PC 18400    LV 95001  PC 18417
 LV 95108  PC 18401    LV 95008  PC 18418
 LV 95112  PC 18402    LV 95045  PC 18419
 LV 95119  PC 18403    LV 95071  PC 18420
 LV 95124  PC 18404    LV 95121  PC 18421
 LV 95127  PC 18405      


Five more LV cabooses ( numbers unknown) became PC Nos. 18422-18426.

Conrail renumbered their ex-LV in to numbers 18613-18704.

34 ' long,
11' 1/2 " high from rail head to roof line (the cupola added about 2 ' 6 " more)
6-feet, 6-3/8-inches wide.
weight 44000 lbs.






  18601  There is a persistent rumor that steel, cupola, LV 95112/CR 18601 went to a private owner in Tucson AR
Has anyone heard of this caboose?
 18602  Buckeye Yard
Columbus Ohio
in better times
   Jim Hebner
 18602  Renova PA
no longer there
 August 15, 1998  Jim Hebner
  Clearfield PA
 Aug 16, 1984
 Chip Syme

  Clearfield PA

tight shot sunny

Oct 11 1986  Chip Syme
   18619  Lewistown  Oct 20, 1984  Chip Syme
 18621  Port Clinton PA
number taken from both trucks
 August 13, 1998  Jim Hebner
18624 At Wickford Junction shopping plaza
in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.   ex LV 95038 ex Seaview RR
 Dec 2002  Bill MacIndoe
   18624 how it looks now   Fall 2005  Bill MacIndoe 
   18624  how it looks now   Fall 2005  Bill MacIndoe 
18624 how it looks now  Fall 2005  Bill MacIndoe
 18627  soon at Catawissa PA
ex LV as it was when
Walt Gosciminski bought it
Click here to view his web site
 August 15, 1998  Jim Hebner
18628 Wellington OH
 Preserved! at the
Midwest Railway Museum
 March 9, 1997  Jim Hebner
18644  Scranton PA
preserved at Steamtown
 June 28, 1997 Jeff Lubchansky
 18645  Winslow Jct NJ
on the SRNJ
ex LV 95002
Jan 6, 2002  Jeff Lubchansky
18647  Catawissa PA
ex LV 95039 as it was when
Walt bought it
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 1996  Walt Gosciminski
18647 Catawissa PA  as it appeared
Walt has 13 Conrail cabooses
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 1997  Walt Gosciminski
18647  Catawissa PA  restored now to Lehigh Valley 95039
Walt has 13 Conrail cabooses
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 August 15, 1998  Jim Hebner
18649  Cedarville OH
ex LV 95088
 August 10, 1997  Jim Hebner

 Cedarville OH
actually in decent condition
considering nothing has been done to it

 August 7, 2014  Jim Hebner
 18652  Renova PA
for sale
 August 15, 1998  Jim Hebner
 18653  Williamson NY
a rainy day on the Hojack Line
   Jim Hebner
 18653  Newark NY  July 1979  Jim Hebner
   18653  Webster NY  July 1979  Jim Hebner
18655 Rochester NY
LV 95046 -
before it was Conrail 18655
1970 Jim Hebner
 18655  soon at Catawissa PA
just after delivery to
Walt Gosciminski
Click here to view his web site
 August 15, 1998  Jim Hebner
   18662    April 1978  
    18666  Conway PA  May 19 1996  Chip Syme
   18666  Conway PA  May 19 1996  Chip Syme
   18670  Conway PA  May 19 1996  Chip Syme
18671  Hamburg NY
Western NY Railway Historical Society restoration site
 May 17, 1998  Jim Hebner
  18671   Hamburg NY
Western NY Railway Historical Society restoration site
 Aug 2005   Jim Hebner
18672  Tunkhannock PA  Dec 26, 1999  MGR
 18672  Tunkhannock PA  Dec 26, 1999  MGR
 18672  Tunkhannock PA  Dec 26, 1999  MGR
18687  Preserved! LV 95106 at Ringos NJ
Black River & Western Railroad, built in Sayre, Pennsylvania 1945
 June 1997  Jeff Lubchansky
18690  Renova PA
for sale
note the window modification
 August 15, 1998  Jim Hebner
  18696  Winslow Jct NJ
on the SRNJ
ex LV 95032?
Jan 6, 2002  Jeff Lubchansky
   18698 Located in Sayre, Pa. was purchased from Conrail by the Valley Railroad Museum in 1990-1. The museum disbanded (unfortunately) and the extensive collection of LV memorabilia was donated to the Bradford County Historical Society in Towanda, Pa. The caboose has been relocated from near the former LV passenger station about 100 yards north near the former walk bridge. Both the station and the caboose are owned by the
Borough of Sayre.
18641  Preserved! at Crestline OH
 May 3, 1998  Jim Hebner


Preserved N5G 2006 list by Roger Kirkpatrick

Perris, CA, LV, as PE 1973, wood, cupola, Orange Empire Railway Museum, 2201 South A Street

Greenwood, ME, LV, wood, cupola, Littlefield Beaches Campground, 13 Litchfield Lane, 875-3290, from South Paris, ME

Sarver, PA, LV, as Cooper Station Restaurant, steel, cupola, Rt. 356

Wheelerville?, PA, LV, wood, no cupola, blt.'14, Hunting Cabin, Gamelands Road, off Rt 154, Sullivan County, FOR SALE

Lake Geneva, WI, LV, 5 cabooses?, End of the Line Vacation Station, 301 East Town Line Road, 800-747-RAIL

Winifrede?, WV, LV, as Winifrede 3, steel, cupola, Enginehouse, where did the ex-C&O wood caboose go to?

Strasburg, PA, LV 2606, wood, cupola, 4 wheel, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, 717-687-8628, from Lock Haven, PA

Winslow, NJ, LV 95002, as Southern Railroad of New Jersey 95002, ex-CR 18645, steel, cupola, J. Petaccio, owner

Scranton, PA, LV 95003, no markings, ex-CR 18644, steel, cupola, Steamtown National Historical Site

Titusville, PA, LV 95009, as OVHX 1013, ex-CR 18661, N5G, Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot

Sayre, PA, LV 95011, ex-CR 18698, steel, cupola, Municipal Parking Lot

Titusville, PA, LV 95016, as OVHX 1011, ex-CR 18629, N5G, Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot

North Creek, NY, LV 95018, as General Electric GEX 80004, built 6/42, Upper Hudson River Railroad

Newark Valley, NY, LV 95019, steel, cupola, Depot, Newark Valley Historical Society

Jim Thorpe?, PA, LV 95023, as CR 18680?, steel, cupola, Bedner Family, owners, Yard, north of Rt. 903 bridge, GOING TO Temple?

Canterbury, CT, LV 95025, as P&W 3001, steel, cupola, Play House, Yarowski Trucking

Norwalk, OH, LV 95026, ex-CR 18628, steel, cupola, Fritz Kuenzel, 2578 Zenobia Road, from Wellington, OH

Winslow, NJ, LV 95032, as CR 18696, Southern Railroad of New Jersey Yard, Rich Jahn, owner

Jamesville, NY, LV 95033, no markings, steel, cupola, Alpha Cement Plant, Central New York Chapter, NRHS, from Syracuse, NY

Port Clinton, PA, LV 95036, as Reading, ex-CR 18621, steel, cupola, Class N5G, Union House Bed & Breakfast, Rt. 61, 610-562-4076

Cressona, PA, LV 95037, as CR 18631, steel, cupola, Bernie Beikirch, owner, from Renovo, PA

North Kingstown, RI, LV 95038, as LV 5038, ex-CR 18624, steel, cupola, Wickford Jct. Plaza, 294-0020, from Seaview RR, North Kingstown

Catawissa, PA, LV 95039, ex-CR 18647, steel, cupola, Class N5G, Catawissa Station, Walter Gosciminski, from Renovo, PA

Mt. Pleasant, NY, LV 95041, ex-CR 18617, steel, cupola, built 1945, Catskill Mountain Railroad, Rt. 28, 914-688-7400

Prineville, OR, LV 95043, as City of Prineville Railway 201, steel, cupola, City of Prineville Yard

Catawissa, PA, LV 95046, as CR 18655, steel, cupola, Class N5G, Catawissa Station, Walter Gosciminski

Canastota, NY, LV 95047, steel, cupola, Hickory Street, from Albrightsville, PA

Hamburg, NY, LV 95050, as CR 18671, steel, built 1937, Western New York Railway Historical Society, Union & Scott Streets

Titusville, PA, LV 95058, as OVHX 1017, ex-CR 18630, N5G, Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot

Milan, PA, LV 95065, ex-CR 18642, steel, cupola, built 1937, Lehigh Valley Station

Catawissa, PA, LV 95067, as CR 18627, steel, cupola, Class N5G, Catawissa Station, Walter Gosciminski

Bath, PA, LV 95068, as CR 18615, steel, cupola, Keystone Cement, Rt 512

Winslow, NJ, LV 95070, as CR 18683, built 6/39, Amsterdam Leasing, Southern Railroad of New Jersey Yard

Titusville, PA, LV 95073, as OVHX 1018, ex-CR 18677, N5G, Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot

Brooktondale, NY, LV 95074, as CR 18695, Class N5G, steel, cupola, White Church Road

Northumberland, PA, LV 95076, no markings, ex-CR 18654, steel, cupola, Zartman Construction, 3000 Point Twp. Drive/US 11, 570-275-4400

Crestline, OH, LV 95079, ex-CR 18641, steel, cupola, 1869 McNeil at Rt. 61, south side of town

Harmon, NY, LV 95082, as MNCW 402, steel, cupola, work caboose, Metro North Yard

Harmon, NY, LV 95086, as MNCW 405 R MW, steel, cupola, Metro North Yard

Reading, PA, LV 95087, as CR 18693, steel, cupola, Paul Troutman, Berkley Rodd, near 84 Lumber, 926-1138, from Topton, PA

Cedarville, OH, LV 95088, as CR 18649, steel, cupola, Class N5G, 21 Miller Street

Milan, PA, LV 95096, ex-CR 18681, steel, cupola, Lehigh Valley Station

Avis, PA LV 95097, as CR 18690, Lycoming Valley Railroad Yard, 570-327-0711, from Renovo, PA, FOR SALE?

West Portal, NJ, LV 95099, ex-CR 18669, steel, cupola, Bill Savaki, owner, near Spain Inn Restaurant, 1043 Hwy. 173

Canton, OH, LV 950??, steel, cupola, Red Eagle CB Shop, Gullivers Truck Stop, I-77, exit 101, from Barberton, OH

Manchester, NY, LV 95100, as CR 18632, steel, cupola, built 2/41, Class N5G, old School, Rt. 21, from Avis, PA, GOING TO new Mall?

Dryden, NY, LV 95105, no markings, ex-D&H 35801, steel, cupola, Hiking Trail, Rt. 13, north side of town, from D&H, Oneonta, NY

Ringoes, NJ, LV 95106, ex-CR 18687, built Sayre, PA, 1945, Black River & Western Railroad, CR 579

Sunderland, VT, LV 95109, as D&H 35802, steel, cupola, built 1945, D. J. Cully, Rt. 7A,

Stearns, KY, LV 95110, as Big South Fork Scenic Railway CAB 1, ex-CRI&P 17600, steel, cupola, built 1945, BSFSRy, 800-462-5664

Turner Falls?, OK, LV 95111, as CRI&P 17601, steel, cupola, built 9/45, Deer Creek area?, Hwy. 77?, north of town?, CAN'T FIND!

Las Vegas, NV, LV 95112?, as The Summit, steel, cupola, ex-CR 18601?, 6990 West Rome Boulevard & North Rio Vista Street

Groton, NY, LV 95113, ex-CR 18667, steel, cupola, Ice Cream Stand, from Hobby Shop, Sayre, PA

Stony Ridge, OH, LV 95114, as fake NYC 45040 - 1 side, ex-DTSL 127/TT 90/C&O 903326, steel, cupola, Dave Schober, 5110 Libbey Road

Leesport, PA, LV 95116, as P&S 196, steel, cupola, Reading Technical & Historical Society, from David Gamble, Cressona, PA

Mahoningtown, PA, LV 95117, ex-DTLS 128/LEF&C 11, steel, cupola, Downington Park, Rt. 18, from Greenville, PA?

Middletown, PA, LV 95123, as Chesapeake RR?, ex-CR 18626, steel, cupola, Middletown&Hummelstown RR, from Clayton, DE & Gettysburg, PA

Titusville, PA, LV 95124, as OVHX 1012, ex-PC 18404/CR 18610, N5G, Caboose Motel, near Oil Creek & Titusville Depot

Perkaise, PA, LV 95127, as CR 18602, ex-PC 18405, steel, cupola, built 4/46, William Warner, 1244 Broad Street, from Avis, PA

Cazenovia, NY, LV 95128, no markings, ex-CR?, steel, cupola, built 1946, Gisson's Depot Photography, William Street

Bedford, IA, LV 95132, as RI 17604, steel, cupola, built 5/46, Taylor County Historical Museum, Hwy. 2, 712-523-2041

Tunkhannock, PA, LV 95133, as CR 18672, ex-PC 18422, Class N5G, built 1946, Riverside Park

Urbana?, IA, LV 95135, as RI 17605, steel, cupola, built 5/46, Trax Diner, near I-380, NEVER HERE?

Brookville?, PA, LV 95136, as P&S 197, Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad, 412-543-2121, GOING TO?

Pharsalia, NY, LV 95137?, as CR 18652?, LOCATION?

Axemann, PA, LV 95139, as P&S 195, steel, cupola, LOCATION?, Bob Hines, 814-355-0899, from Brookville & Dale Summit, PA

Wysox, PA, LV 95271, wood, no cupola, no trucks, Rt. 6

Bath, NY, LV 96409?, no markings, wood, cupola, side door, Rt. 415, Lake Salubria, 1 mile east of town, with coach


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