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The N-7E

ex Erie/Erie Lackawanna Class

N-7E 21150-21169
The last new caboose the EL built was the N-7E . They were built in 1969 by the International Car Company. Originally numbered were C351-C370. These cars are similar in overall configuration to the earlier N-7D's, but have a more modern appearance with welded sides and a less pronounced bay window bulge

Two of the N-7E's were converted to CR flangers: Nos. 64725 and 64726. They were painted light grey and all side windows, except the bay, were plated over.

In 1984, all twenty N7E's were offered for sale by CR at $3,900 each with no cost Conrail delivery.






 Rochester NY
became Metro North Commuter Railroad flanger No. 042.
 Jim Hebner
 Metro North Commuter Railroad flanger No. 034
 Bridge One
Cleveland OH
 George Elwood
 Strasburg PA
 Ray Molesworth
  Amherst IN
 Bill Banaszak
 collection of
Chip Syme
 Pocopson PA
 Sept 27, 1997
 Chip Syme
  Pocopson PA
May 15, 2004 
    21153 was purchased by Nelson Bowers in November 1984. It was delivered by Conrail to the Strasburg Rail Road who hauled it to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania where it was on loan for display until May 1986. At that time it was Leased to the Lancaster Chapter National Railway Historical Society as office and storage for the Reading Co. FP7 Restoration Project (this was a joint project between the Lancaster and Philadelphia Chapers, NRHS). While on lease it was located on Strasburg Rail Road property from 1986 - 1989; Landisville Railroad 1989 - 1994; and Pocopson, Pa.(Brandywine Valley and successors) 1994 - 2008. In December 2008, it was donated by Nelson's widow to Lancaster Chapter, NRHS. It has been moved to a display track located near Christiana Freight Station, Chrisitana, PA. It is in good condition, capable of operation, and the group is formulating plans for its restoration of its Conrail livery. The decision was made to do this rather than revert it to its original EL paint do to its location.    
 Denholm PA
on an eastbound freight
January 1978 
 John Sieber
 Berea OH
 George Elwood
 Buckeye Yard
Columbus OH
 July 1980
 Jim Hebner
 Cleveland OH
Bridge One
 July 1984
 George Elwood




Retired 1988 - first (after sold by CR) in Union Bridge, MD when RNTX Corporation was founded there in 90. 

The car was moved to Denver in '93 and is still located on the "Circus Track" off of the BNSF along I-25.

shown in Denver CO for sale, in good overall condition

sold to the Lamy Railway Museum in Lamy, NM December of 2003. It was transported to the museum in January of 2004 by highway. It is currently on the museum property.

Brett Hall  
Arlington VA
 March 1979
 Dick Leonhardt
  21160 Selfridge Air Force Dec 2, 2008 Jason Smith
The cab was used as a lunch room for a small factory in Dearborn MI. Two years ago the cab was given to the Michigan Transit Museum. We moved it to Selfridge Air Force base near Mt. Clemens, Michigan. We will be using the cab this year as out mobile ticket office on our summer passenger trains.
21164 Dubois PA May 2015 Jeff Lubchansky


privately owned

Port Washington NY

for sale 2005 on eBay-

looks to be in good shape


 summer 2005
 Bridge One
Cleveland OH
 George Elwood

 CR # 21167 (ex-EL-# C359) is now owned by the Providence & Worcester Railfan Club, Inc. it was acquired from the (P&W) Providence & Worcester RR
(ex-P&W # 5002, nee-# 2117).
Painted in a P&W inspired livery with the purposed number # 41976
(month and year club was founded). It resides on Main St. in Webster, Ma on the site of the former Webster station (long torn down years ago) and is placed on a club built trackbed right next to the P&W's Norwich Line from Worcester, Ma to Plainfield, Ct.

Dave Jodoin
 EL C356 did not join Conrail-
it was donated to
EL Historical Society
stored at Morristown NJ
 March 1, 1997
 Jeff Lubchansky

N-7E class renumbering
 Conrail #  EL # .  Conrail #  EL # .  Conrail #  EL #
 21150*  C351 .  21157  C354 .  21164*  C365
 21151  C352 .  21158*  C363 .  21165  C368
 21152 ??  ??  .  21159  C353 .  21166  C358
 21153*  C366 .  21160*  C361 .  21167  C359
 21154  C360 .  21161*  C362 .  21168 C357
 21155*  C367 .  21162*  C364 .  21169  C369
21156 C370 .  21163  C355 . . .

?? Was 21152 planned for C356?

*Preserved N7E cabooses

21150 / EL C351 Prestonburg KY Kathy Friend office, West Station, 41668
21153 / EL C366 Pocopson PA Ace Hardware, Rt 926 with other cabooses
21153 / EL C366 Landisville PA , Landisville Railroad office (this is current I think)
21158 / EL C363 Union Bridge MD as RNTX on the Maryland Midland Railway
21158 / EL C363 used to be in Denver CO behind Calahan Construction Company, 95 Rio Grande Blvd Denver 80223.
21160 / EL C361 Dearborn MI N-7E at L. A. Martin Co., 14400 Hern, 48126
21162 / EL C364 Charleston WV at Amherst Industries, east side of town
21164 / EL C365 Bethel Park PA Bethel Junction Restaurant, 5981 Baptist- now moved to Dubois PA
EL C356 stored at Morristown NJ - did not join Conrail- donated to EL Historical Society


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